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Birthdate:Jan 17
Location:Kentucky, United States of America
Website:Me @ Livejournal
It's a secret! ;-)

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a fine frenzy, adam lambert, american idol, anakin/obi-wan, androgynous, anime, anita blake, anxiety disorders, aragorn/legolas, autumn, azure ray, bath and body works, bee/sam, big damn heroes, billy idol, bisexuality, bon jovi, books, boondock saints, bromance, buffy the vampire slayer, bumblebee, capricorn, castiel, castles, chocolate, chris pine, classic cars, cock rock, college, coming out, corsets, damien rice, dancing with the stars, daydreaming, dean winchester, dean/castiel, death note, disney, dragons, ellen degeneres, emilie autumn, eminem, fairy tales, fandom wank, fanfiction, fanmixes, fantasies, fashion, femmeslash, fidelity, foreplay, google, gothic lolita, gqmf, harry potter, how to train your dragon, idic, interior design, intj, introverts, invictus, j2, james kirk, jared padalecki, jeff buckley, jensen ackles, johnny depp, junk food, knowledge is power, kristen stewart, l, l/light, lady gaga, led zeppelin, lgbt, libraries, lingerie, lord of the rings, love is love, makeup, masturbation, melissa etheridge, merry gentry, metallicar, mindfuck, misha collins, mp3s, mulder/scully, music, music videos, nail polish, new car smell, non-conformity, oh no they didn't, old school, pablo neruda, personality tests, pflag, pimp my ride, pinto, poetry, porn, reading, retro, robert pattinson, romance, rps, rufus wainwright, sam/dean, sex, sexy accents, shopping, slash, snark, snarry, soulmates, south park, spirituality, spock, spork, spuffy, star trek, star wars, supernatural, t'hy'la, the 80s, the onion, the sims, the x-files, toothless, tori amos, transformers, traveling, true blood, true love, tudors, twilight, vampire diaries, velvet goldmine, wincest, winchesters, winning the lottery, yagami light, yaoi, yelle, youtube, yuri, zachary quinto
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