asmallcrime: Pink hearts (Default)
2010-11-30 09:05 am

Christmas is nigh...OMFG!

Okay, so according to my trusty Christmas-clock thingy, Christmas is literally only slightly more than 24 days away. Not that I needed the clock to tell me that (although I do have admittedly poor math skills), but, yeah, there's nothing like seeing the time tick, ticking away to add to any sense of gift-buying induced chaotic frenzy and panic.

Soooo...that's pretty much my state-of-mind at the moment. O.O; Yeah, so maybe I should really considering sitting down and making that shopping list sometime soon...
asmallcrime: Pink hearts (Default)
2010-11-30 08:23 am

First post!

Well, I finally did it - I made an account on DW! Yay! *dances* I honestly don't know if I'll actually post here much, but I have to say that compared to LJ, this place totally rocks. And the peeps do too! ;-)